Once a kid starts walking, there seems to be a pause in the focus on milestones. Well, at least until the days of potty training and learning to read. For now, though, we’re kind of just cruising along. Even still, in this time of cruising, I am amazed at all the development that is happening in Charlie’s little world.

His hand-eye coordination is continually strengthening. When playing with puzzles, he doesn’t spend as much time moving the puzzle piece across the hole until it finally clinks into place. Rather, when he’s in the mood to do the puzzle, he can smack that piece into its precise location, leaving me speechless!

Charlie’s footwork skills are always improving. He’s so confident on his feet now–running, stepping up or down at a curb or small step, even climbing anything that is climbable. He sure loves this stage of independence! We recently bought him a little kiddie-sized table from IKEA, and he does everything at his table. He learned pretty quickly to climb up on the chair and sit in it correctly, which just makes him look so grown up!

His bravery is multiplying maybe a little too quickly. At the park, he’ll climb right up those steps, approach the slide, sit down on his bum, and push off. No fear. In the swings, he loves underdogs and going higher and higher. At petting zoos, he approaches the animals from all angles and quickly begins beating them with outstretched hands. He would wrestle the Canada geese at the park if we’d let him!

In terms of language development, Charlie seems to be a few months behind schedule. The doctor said not to worry for another three months; he’s doing just fine with comprehension. He will imitate our words sometimes, and has a list of maybe a dozen words that he has said at least once. But for now, almost everything is called “Da.” Or “DAAA,” depending on how excited he is about a given object! Even without words, Charlie communicates well with gestures and a few signs, and I’m always amazed at how well he understands me.

So there’s the update! And a picture too!


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  1. great update, thanks for that. He is such an adoarble wee lad. Great job with all your new skill charlie!

  2. Charlie just keeps getting cuter by the day!

    As for my hair…I’m aiming for cutting it off for Locks of Love by the end of September but I think I may let it grow until next Spring! But that may change. 🙂 Thanks for noticing it!

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