Creature of habit

Charlie has been going to bed pretty consistently at 8:00, after his routine of bath, jammies, teeth, story, and night-night kisses. Tonight I have a hair appointment at 8:00, so we decided that we would bathe him a bit early, and Jeff could just play with him for a while before putting him in bed.

We did the bath thing, and as Jeff was getting Charlie into him jammies, I explained to Charlie, “Tonight you get to play with Daddy before going to bed! Won’t that be fun?” But as soon as Charlie’s jammies were on, he made a beeline for the bookshelf and chose tonight’s story. So we did the story and teeth thing. Then I explained again as we were putting his toothbrush away, “Charlie, now you get to play with Daddy for a while!” But as soon as we stepped into the living room, Charlie started waving night-night to Jeff. Okay then, let’s just put him to bed! So at 7:30, Charlie went to bed without a peep. And that’s after a 3 1/2-hour nap today. Somewhere along the way, my child became a good sleeper. And I am oh so thankful.


One response to “Creature of habit

  1. Great news! congrats.

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