Real Simple solutions

I recently wrote a post on xanga about my need for creative summer cooking ideas. The responses were good and helpful, and I can honestly say that my last big trip to the grocery store focused more on fresh fruits and veggies and pastas, and less on canned tomato sauce and cream soups. Yay!

Imagine my delight this afternoon upon 1) spotting my latest issue of Real Simple all curled up in the mailbox, and 2) reading at the top of said issue, “20-minute meals” and “Healthy, delicious dinners for the entire month.” This is perfect. Oh, RS, how I love thee. Granted, a couple of these recipes contain ingredients I’ve never heard of (bocconcini, Jarlsberg cheese), and more than a couple contain ingredients that I’ve never purchased, never cooked with, and/or never had a desire to consume (leek, arugula, artichokes, couscous, green olives, and sliced mushrooms). Amazingly enough, a few recipes remain that might make their way into my kitchen!


One response to “Real Simple solutions

  1. ooo, very exciting. You may have to share that issue 😉

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